Prime day prep: A comprehensive guide to a successful Prime Day

Eileen Bosman
Content Marketer
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Prime Day has become a landmark event in the e-commerce calendar. Last year, shoppers worldwide purchased over 375 million items, saving more than 2.5 billion dollars through deals and discounts. With Prime Day 2024 slated for July 11-12, the stage is set for an even bigger event. For brands, it’s a great opportunity to attract new customers in a very competitive market. Here’s how to make the most of it.

1. Inventory management

Running out of stock during Prime Day means missed sales opportunities. When your product is unavailable, potential customers will turn to competitors. Moreover, frequent stockouts can lead to losing the buy box, reducing your product’s visibility and sales.

Maintaining consistent inventory levels is crucial for sustaining your Amazon SEO standing. High sales volumes improve your product’s search ranking, leading to greater visibility. Ensure you are well-stocked to capitalize on the surge in traffic and sales during Prime Day.

2. Optimize your listings

Optimizing your product listings is essential for maximizing your reach and sales during Prime Day. Here are some key tips:

  • Increase budgets for key campaigns: Focus on top-performing keywords to boost visibility.
  • Raise bids on high-impression keywords: Gradually increase bids on keywords with high impressions but low conversions, monitoring their performance closely.
  • Audit and update listings: Ensure accuracy and completeness using Amazon Seller Central and Vendor Central tools. Highlight high-opportunity keywords in your titles and create detailed product bullet points.
  • Fix inactive or suppressed listings: Follow Amazon’s guidelines and provide all necessary information to keep your listings active.
  • Add a featured video: Videos significantly influence purchase decisions, making your listing more compelling.
  • Start A/B testing early: Experiment with different elements of your listings, such as titles and images, to optimize for conversions well before Prime Day.
  • Optimize titles and descriptions for SEO: Use concise, keyword-rich titles and descriptions that are easy to read and effective for SEO.
  • Enhance with visuals and A+ Content: Utilize the available space for images and videos to provide additional details and comparison charts, improving brand perception and differentiating from competitors.

3. Budget wisely

Prime Day is a highly competitive event where ad space becomes more expensive. Setting your caps too low can result in being outbid, while not capping your spend could quickly exhaust your budget. To navigate this, identify top-performing keywords and increase bids on those that have met business KPI targets in the last 30 days by 10-15% during Prime Day. It’s crucial to monitor your bids and budget throughout the event, making necessary adjustments to maintain effectiveness. Additionally, implement schedule-based rules to adjust campaign budgets before Prime Day to ensure your ads remain active and impactful.

4. Set up and test advertising campaigns

A comprehensive advertising strategy targeting different areas of the funnel can maximize your reach and return. Combining search and display ads allows you to capture active search demand and generate new demand through mid and upper-funnel strategies. Use data from previous Prime Day campaigns to guide your strategy, while considering the current e-commerce landscape and consumer preferences. Additionally, build and test all available campaign types and betas to identify the most effective ones for Prime Day’s high-traffic environment.

5. Create offers your buyers can’t refuse

Prime Day shoppers are hunting for the best deals. Offer multiple ways for them to save:

  • Product bundles: Combine complementary items to increase order value and encourage repeat purchases.
  • Lightning deals: These limited-time offers create urgency and drive sales velocity, clear inventory, and increase product visibility.
  • Prime exclusive discounts: Offer discounts exclusive to Prime members to drive traffic and sales.
  • Coupons: Use digital coupons to provide instant savings at checkout, promoting new products and rewarding loyal customers. Amazon recommends the following criteria when setting up coupons for Prime Day: 
    • Discount the product more than 5%.
    • Schedule the dates to coincide with Prime Day.
    • Set the audience to Prime.

6. Manage your product reviews

Reviews are crucial for building trust and influencing purchase decisions. Consumers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. Ensure your products have ample reviews to encourage purchases. Respond professionally to both positive and negative reviews to enhance your brand image and increase customer satisfaction. Address concerns promptly and take proactive steps to resolve issues. This improves your brand’s reputation and drives sales success.

7. Create a dedicated Amazon Store subcategory page

If you have an Amazon Store, create a Prime Day subcategory to feature your deals. This dedicated page can serve as a landing page for your Prime Day promotions, making it easier for shoppers to find and purchase your products.

8. Go outside of Amazon

Increase your brand’s visibility by promoting your Prime Day deals both on and off Amazon. Use platforms like Facebook and Google to run off-Amazon ads, driving external traffic to your Amazon deals. Engage consumers on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok with posts and short videos highlighting your Prime Day offers. Additionally, use Amazon Attribution tags in your ads to earn a brand referral bonus, which can offset future referral fees.

Are you ready for Prime Day?

By preparing thoroughly and implementing these strategies, you can maximize your success during Prime Day 2024. Seize the opportunity to attract new customers, boost sales, and enhance your brand’s presence in the competitive e-commerce landscape. Need help prepping? VNDR. is here to assist. Schedule a free consultation and we’ll get you started in 30 minutes!

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