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What began in 1999 as an online bookstore has grown into the largest marketplace in the Netherlands and Belgium. Each month, attracts 152 million visitors, and the total number of customers now is a whopping 13 million. No wonder many retailers choose when they want to boost their e-commerce business. Do you? VNDR. makes it happen.

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Who is it for?

Signing up as a seller on is free and easy. Even uploading your assortment is easy with the help of a spreadsheet or the API of the marketplace. But that doesn’t mean you’re there yet. Competitive pricing, SEO, advertising, product listings, smart content, customer service, logistics, strategy: getting the most out of your account works better with a marketplace expert at your side.

Do you want to know your opportunities and how to seize them? VNDR. is happy to give you a free product analysis, so you know exactly what to expect.

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Marketplaces as a service

With VNDR. by your side, you get the focus back on your business. From advertising to SEO and branding to strategy, we’ll take care of it for you.

Improve your strategy

Make marketplaces part of your marketing strategy and discover how fast your business can grow.

Increase your revenue

Seize revenue opportunities and boost your sales. With a marketplace strategy focused on the optimal customer journey, you turn the first search into a loyal customer.

How can VNDR. help you?

You didn’t start your business to spend your valuable time updating marketplace listings and ads. So feel free to leave that to VNDR. Whether you need our services from A to Z or just a push in the right direction, we tailor our services to your goals. What we do:

  • Onboarding

  • Product listings

  • Business case

  • SEO research and content creation

  • Advertising and performance optimization

  • Strategy definition and execution and its perks

Marketplaces are not a temporary trend but a new, permanent way of shopping. It has disrupted the e-commerce market and is leading our search for new products. In the US, 74 percent of consumers start their search on Amazon. Moreover, in the Netherlands and Belgium, is by far the favorite marketplace. But has more going for it:

  • Access to a large group of potential customers

  • Reach customers with high purchase intent

  • Benefit from’s brand awareness

  • Accessible logistics solutions that save you time

  • You only pay if your products are sold

  • Accelerated growth and boosted sales

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Make marketplaces part of your marketing strategy and discover how fast your business can grow. Wondering how we can help you? Then, feel free to contact one of our specialists via the contact form/mail/phone/app.

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