Amazon A+ Content: essential for boosting your brand on Amazon

Eileen Bosman
Content Marketer
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Amazon A+ Content remains a key functionality on Amazon, crucial for showcasing premium content on your product pages. With the evolution of online retail, leveraging this feature has become more important than ever for standing out in a crowded marketplace.

Getting started

To access A+ Content, sellers must be registered with Amazon’s Brand Registry. Eligible sellers can enhance all their product listings (ASINs) with A+ Content, enriching both parent and child ASINs. The process is even more straightforward for vendors, as eligibility is automatic.

The benefits of Amazon A+ Content

Amazon’s A+ Content offers a host of benefits, making it a vital tool for sellers:

  • Higher conversion rates: Enhanced images and texts help customers understand your products better, potentially boosting conversions.
  • Reduced return rates: Clear product presentations lead to informed purchase decisions, lowering return rates.
  • Improved reviews: Comprehensive product information can result in more satisfied customers and positive reviews.
  • Increased ROI on ads: Engaging A+ Content can lead to more effective advertising campaigns, offering better returns on your investment.

Effective use of Amazon A+ Content

Here are some ways to utilize A+ Content for maximum impact:

  1. Showcase unique value: Use A+ Content to highlight what makes your product special.
  2. Provide relevant product details: To influence positive purchase decisions, offer as much relevant information as possible.
  3. Clarify complex features: For products with multiple features, use videos and detailed text to provide clarity.
  4. Answer customer questions: Address common queries visually and attractively through A+ Content.
  5. Stand out from competitors: Differentiate your products in Amazon’s competitive marketplace with engaging content.
  6. Narrate your brand story: Tell your brand’s story, emphasizing quality and values, especially for higher-priced products.
  7. Create a virtual experience: Use images and videos to simulate a physical shopping experience, going beyond standard product descriptions.

Limitations and costs

While A+ Content is broadly available, it’s inaccessible for specific categories like books, music, and DVDs. Basic A+ Content and Brand Stores are free for brand owners, but Premium A+ Content, offering more interactive and extensive features, may have associated costs after a promotional period.

When to implement A+ Content

Given its free nature, aim to add A+ Content to all eligible product listings. However, focus on your best-selling products or those requiring detailed explanations first. The ’80/20′ rule can be effective here, starting with products that form 80% of your profits. However, creating compelling A+ Content involves more than just adding images and text. Your content should be well-organized, persuasive, and attractive. Think of your A+ Content as a landing page, guiding customers through a journey that ends with a purchase.

DIY or outsource?

If creating Amazon A+ Content seems daunting or you lack in-house resources, consider partnering with experts, like VNDR., who can enhance your product pages, optimize the customer journey, and increase conversions.

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