Increase your visibility in Poland with Allegro

Doubtlessly, Poland’s most beloved marketplace is Allegro. With nearly 22 million customers and more than 250 million offers from 135000 international sellers, it is a true retailer goldmine. So, time to hitch a ride on the success of this Polish marketplace, expand your customer base, and increase your sales. How? VNDR. leads the way!

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Who is it for?

Are you a retailer with aspirations far exceeding your own country’s borders? Then international marketplaces are the ideal starting point to realize your goals. However, there are several conditions you must meet. Consider:

  • The Polish Zloty is the only accepted currency
  • You need Polish product information and customer service
  • At least 1 picture with your products
  • You need a product card per product
  • It is wise to have a local return address and a local warehouse

Don’t have these resources at your disposal? Then don’t be discouraged. VNDR. helps you out! We’d happily tell you more about it in our free consultation.

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Marketplaces as a service

With VNDR. by your side, you get the focus back on your business. From advertising to SEO and branding to strategy, we’ll take care of it for you.

Improve your strategy

Make marketplaces part of your marketing strategy and discover how fast your business can grow.

Increase your revenue

Seize revenue opportunities and boost your sales. With a marketplace strategy focused on the optimal customer journey, you turn the first search into a loyal customer.

What VNDR. has to offer

Don’t know how to navigate your way through a Polish landscape? No worries! Leave it up to VNDR. to design and execute the Allegro process from A to Z. Of course, we personalize your journey. It has to match your goals. How we get our brands to realize their ambitions::

  • Onboarding
  • Product listings
  • Content from A to Z, in line with your brand identity
  • Advertising
  • Strategy development and execution
  • Performance tracking and optimization

The benefits of Allegro

Allegro is Poland’s most popular marketplace, trusted by nearly 22 million customers. And if that’s not enough reason to start selling on Allegro, these benefits are sure to win you over:

  • Increased sales thanks to tapping into a new, large target market
  • Get started right away – no significant investment is required
  • No commission to pay if you don’t sell
  • Extra exposure for your brand
  • You don’t need a Polish bank account; you can pay with a PayU account
  • Every retailer can start right away, as Allegro does not require any minimum or maximum number of products sold

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Make marketplaces part of your marketing strategy and discover how fast your business can grow. Wondering how we can help you? Then, feel free to contact one of our specialists via the contact form/mail/phone/app.

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