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Leveraging Marketplace Search Engine Optimization (MSEO) and advanced content is essential to stand out. But forget everything you know about SEO in digital marketing; different rules apply to marketplaces.

With their unique search engines and algorithms, marketplaces determine the success of your business in their unique way. This requires different, much more specific marketing skills than you’re used to.

VNDR. focuses on defining a sound thought-out SEO strategy closely intertwined with advertising on marketplaces and creating your brand store for your brand. The interplay of these three elements assures you of the best results. At VNDR. we see the bigger picture and pay attention to the optimization of each component.

Regarding MSEO, visibility of the right keywords and increased conversion are vital. Therefore, content is the common thread here. We base the content creation on your product’s features, search volumes, and extensive competitive analysis.

This means that with the proper knowledge of the product and target audience, we would roughly understand how to set up the content. However, we’d dare to say that VNDR. goes the extra mile. We ensure that all facets of content are covered with thorough competitor analysis, detailed product copywriting by the best writers, and extensive keyword analysis. In addition, with the Amazon A+ Content feature, you have the right tool at your disposal to show visitors the unique value proposition of your product.

When we say we cover all content elements, we really mean all. That’s why we don’t leave reviews out of consideration. Did you know, for example, that 90 percent of consumers base their choice on positive product reviews? That’s way too much to ignore.

The algorithms of marketplaces are designed to track all product reviews and thus determine the popularity of products. So, if you have good reviews, you are more reliable to customers. As a reward, the marketplaces will rank you higher than the competition.

This means that explicit, honest, comprehensive, and customer-oriented content is more important than ever. The better customers know where they stand, the better the reviews and the greater the growth of your business.

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If you start with VNDR. you already have a head start, but we promise you even better: with continuous content monitoring, we keep a close eye on how your rankings perform with new content after which we optimize constantly. This way, you will always be a front-runner.


Optimizing your MSEO and content greatly benefits your brand position. Good findability is just the tip of the iceberg:

  • Inspire your target audience with Amazon A+ Content
  • Cross-selling of other products in your range
  • Optimization of the customer journey
  • More sales!
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Competitor Analysis
Keyword Research
Product Copywriting (NL/UK/DE/FR/IT/ES/US)
Content Monitoring
Product Feed Management

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