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The biggest fashion and lifestyle marketplace in Europe is undoubtedly Zalando. The German company had as many as 38.7 million active users in Europe by the end of 2021. And things are looking up, as they keep expanding to multiple countries. In 2023, the marketplace plans to spread its wings in the US. Time for you to tap into the growth potential Zalando offers and incorporate this marketplace into your strategy. With VNDR. by your side, you’ll seize every opportunity!

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Who is it for?

For any (online) retailer in the field of fashion and lifestyle, Zalando is the ideal channel to increase reach, grow the brand and boost conversion. However, unlike Amazon, Zalando is not an open marketplace. That means you can’t just sign up and get started. Instead, you must receive approval after signing up. Requirements are that you must sell fashion items and offer free shipping and returns for up to 100 days.

Regarding partnerships, you have two options: the basic Partner Program or the Zalando Fulfillment Service (ZFS). Want to know which option will drive the best results? Schedule a free consult, and we’ll immediately steer you in the right direction!

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Marketplaces as a service

With VNDR. by your side, you get the focus back on your business. From advertising to SEO and branding to strategy, we’ll take care of it for you.

Improve your strategy

Make marketplaces part of your marketing strategy and discover how fast your business can grow.

Increase your revenue

Seize revenue opportunities and boost your sales. With a marketplace strategy focused on the optimal customer journey, you turn the first search into a loyal customer.

How can VNDR. help you?

You can leave the intricacies of marketplaces to VNDR. so you can focus on your brand. We work as a team, starting with exploring your wishes and needs. After that, we collaboratively work on how to achieve your goals. There are a few things that come into play here:

  • Strategy: your reach via Zalando dramatically surges. Depending on your objective, you can use Zalando to work on brand awareness, brand protection and/or growing your sales.

  • Onboarding: it’s one thing to sign up, another to upload your collection, update it per new season (every six months), and put an appropriate system in place for shipping and return policies.

  • Logistics: Zalando takes care of payments and customer service through the Partner Program. The ZFS handles inventory storage, order management, shipments, and returns.

  • Content: the turnover of the clothing industry is high, partly because of the seasons. In addition, clothing is returned more often than other products. Therefore, keeping your content updated and guiding the customer to the right products is essential.

  • Advertising: whether you advertise products or set up entire campaigns, Zalando Marketing Services (ZMS) provides the platform to do so properly.

Zalando and its perks

Marketplaces are not a temporary trend but a new, permanent way of shopping. It has disrupted the e-commerce market and is leading our search for new products. Here’s why Zalando is going to help you grow.

  • Huge reach in 17 countries – Zalando is Europe’s largest fashion platform

  • As a standard, Zalando handles the payment process and customer service

  • Complete outsourcing of logistics with ZFS

  • No start-up costs and a low commission of 5 to 25 percent per product plus a monthly subscription fee

  • Zalando secures your payments

  • The platform is monitored and maintained daily

  • Free returns as there is no commission on returned products

  • Smart inventory management – choose how much you want to sell

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Make Zalando part of your marketing strategy and discover how fast your business can grow. We strategize, create visibility, and generate more sales for brands ready to take their business to the next level.

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