7 tips for sellers to shine this holiday season

Tim Schweig
Marketplace Specialist
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The holiday season is a crucial time for marketplace sellers since it increases traffic and the possibility of more sales. It’s vital to take advantage of this time. So, for all the sellers out there trying to boost their growth this merry season, let’s go through some tips & tricks that will help you thrive until the end of December. 

1. Inventory preparation

To make the most out of the holiday rush, it’s essential to get your inventory in tip-top shape. Stock up on your popular and high-priority items. Reflect on last year’s bestsellers and the current year’s trends. Start coordinating with your suppliers and warehouse teams to ensure everything is stocked and ready to go on time.

Action Point:
Regularly review your stock levels and adjust as needed to meet customer demand.

2. Optimization of product listings

Optimizing product listings is crucial for drawing customer attention and increasing conversions, especially on platforms like Amazon. This can be achieved through:

  • Clear and engaging visuals: The main image or ‘Hero image’ should be high-resolution, clear, and set against a white background, enabling customers to view the product in detail. Every image on the listing is crucial, with the main image serving as the focal point, determining whether buyers will explore the listing further. Use A/B testing to discover which images work best.
  • Strategic keyword usage: Seasonal and back-end keywords should be incorporated to enhance product visibility and ranking. For instance, during Christmas, including ‘Christmas socks’ even for non-themed socks can increase product reach due to changing customer intents during the season. Keywords not used in the main listing can be added to the back end to improve visibility.
  • Title optimization: Titles should be optimized for Amazon’s search algorithm to enhance product discovery.
  • Effective PPC ads: Running optimized PPC ads targeting high-performing and branded keywords is vital during the holiday season to ensure increased sales.
  • Leveraging A+ content: A+ content, showcasing product features, benefits, and high-quality imagery, can significantly improve conversion rates, with Amazon stating a potential increase of 3-5% in conversions through its effective use.

Action Point:
Regular refinement of product listings, focusing on clarity and relevance, is necessary to stay competitive.

3. Strategic marketing and promotions

Creating an early and varied marketing plan is crucial for success on marketplaces during the holiday season. Different promotional actions like giveaways and time-limited offers can help attract more customers. Consistent and appealing marketing across other marketplace platforms can also help increase traffic and sales.

Almost all marketplaces offer various promotional ads and sales opportunities. So, it’s wise to allocate some budget for these opportunities as they might take time to set up. Starting these early can give you a competitive edge, possibly securing premium spots like the Amazon Buy Box or helping to boost your sales record on platforms like eBay.

Action Point:
Devise and implement a comprehensive and timely marketing plan, continually optimizing it based on performance analytics.

4. Empowering customer support

Enhancing availability across phone, email, and social media and ensuring prompt responses within 24 hours can significantly impact customer satisfaction. Stability in systems to prevent crashes and ensure quick resolutions to inquiries is crucial in building customer trust and loyalty.

Action Point:
Regularly assess the effectiveness of customer support and adjust strategies as needed to meet customer expectations.

5. Safeguarding against marketplace suspension

Regularly check your marketplace health and promptly address any arising issues to prevent suspension during this crucial period. Adherence to marketplace guidelines and compliance is essential to avoid disruptions in business growth.

Action Point:
Regularly oversee marketplace activities, addressing any concerns promptly to ensure smooth operations.

6. Memorable shipping and fulfillment

Careful planning and timely shipping are essential during the increased volume of orders. Add a festive touch to your packaging to create delightful unboxing experiences. A clear and flexible return policy during the holiday season can significantly elevate customer satisfaction.

Action Point:
Regularly reassess and adapt shipping, packaging, and return strategies to exceed customer expectations and build brand loyalty.

7. Smart pricing and sales strategies

Stay competitive by leveraging smart pricing and participating in promotional advertising. Allocate budgets early for sales promotions to gain a competitive edge. Consumers are always hunting for the best deals during the holiday season, so it’s crucial to continually review and adapt your pricing and sales strategies, maintaining a balance between competitiveness and profitability.

Action Point:
Continuously review and adapt pricing and sales strategies, balancing competitiveness and profitability.

Seize the season

The holiday season is a golden opportunity for sellers to redefine their marketplace presence and achieve sustained growth. Adherence to these expert tips can help sellers survive and thrive in the competitive marketplace environment. Curious how you can exceed last year’s result? VNDR. is here to help! Schedule a free consultation and let’s create some holiday magic together.


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